Exciting Beer-Related News!!

12.17.14: Holiday Favorites!

Starting to log some fantastic holiday beers. Make sure you check back as we get closer to the holiday for regular beer updates.

08.26.14: Beers From Friends!

Check out the latest beer reviews, all of which have been graciously brought from friends on their summer vacations!

08.08.14: New Feature!

I'm hoping to start reviewing beers of the past with a new initiative I call, "I Demand a Recount!"

If there is a beer that you feel was not fairly reviewed, I'll give it an update. Just post your suggestions on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ryan-Oldhams-Beer-Reviews/128257153899091?ref=hl

08.08.14: We've reviewed 700 beers!!!

Made it gracefully into the 700 mark recently with a vertical review of two fantastic barely wines. Be sure to check them out!

10.31.13: Zombie Monkee!

Check out my latest review: Tallgrass Brewing Company's "Zombie Monkee". As usual, Tallgrass has set up their website to reflect their latest creation. If you're a fan of the Walking Dead on AMC, you'll enjoy their 3-part video series about the new beer.